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We at Simplo have made it our mission to support the construction industry. We want improve the livelihoods of some of the hardest-working people on the planet and simplify construction for good!


Our Mission

We want to improve the ways millions of hardworking people communicate. So they can concentrate on what really counts: building our world of tomorrow.


of deliveries are processed digitally – but 78% could already be processed like that today

There is little transparency between purchasing, accounting and craftsmen


Up to 15% of the materials end up as construction waste – also due to inefficient supply chains


report a mess of telephone and fax


of the craftsmen businesses are generally open to digitalization

1 Day

Aufwand pro Woche ensteht durchschnittlich für Bestellungen und Besorgungen

350 Mrd.

the construction market in Europe alone is that big

Sources: Bitkom (Survey of 504 craftsmen businesses on the digitalization of the craft), Forsa, Statista, Wikpedia, Nielsen and the Federal Statistical Office

Our Team

We are an international team based in the heart of Berlin and started in 2019 with the aim of revolutionizing an entire industry.

We are looking for you

We are an international team based in the heart of Berlin and looking for reinforcement.

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