Increase sales through improved communication

We support suppliers and manufacturers in digitizing their ordering processes - without expensive and complex integration and changes. Result: More time for real customer advice


Process optimization has never been so easy

Your employees can easily reach customer inquiries via Simplo by email, regardless of whether they are order inquiries, questions or pictures. Every request is answered securely with just one click. Your conditions remain unchanged and billing takes place as usual.


All orders - 1 simple format

Order inquiries reach the customer contact person in a clear and intuitive format

Searching for data & misunderstandings cost up to 1 hour per day!

Never miss any more customer calls

Simplo relieves customer service, so all inquiries can be processed and sales increased

At peak times, over 20% of calls cannot be answered

Customer loyalty with security

With Simplo, ordering is as easy as chatting, only GDPR-compliant. Without training and complicated software

Protected data & sustainable customer loyalty are priceless!

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All orders - 1 simple format

Goodbye telephone queue and chaos of paper! With Simplo, you receive all orders in a uniform and clear format. The customer can conveniently order from the office or on the go with our app. You receive the data in an orderly manner and can be conveniently edited and answered on the computer. You don’t need any new software, you can just check your email
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Never miss any more customer calls

The employee’s phone is often busy at peak times. The result: customers simply order from another retailer. Up to 20% of sales are lost during peak times. With Simplo, you relieve your internal and field staff and create new sales and consulting capacities without having to hire new employees. Orders can be confirmed by your employees with just 1 click. Orders can also be taken on the weekend if there are no employees at all. Instead of an anonymous webshop, your customer knows that his personal contact person will take care of his inquiry

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Customer loyalty with security

With the Simplo app in your pocket, your customers are only two clicks away from you, anytime, anywhere. We create individual customer catalogs for you from your offers and top articles. The customer has access to the products that are really relevant to him and can order from you even faster – no webshop can do that! Price agreements & negotiations remain 100%. In addition, all data is stored on German servers. Offer your customers a secure and innovative ordering method and retrieve orders from your employees’ private WhatsApp numbers back into your own company infrastructure.

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Just test it ...

Simplo works with all suppliers!

Our technology is supplier-independent and works without integration in your company! Offer your customers the best way to place all future orders with you.

Do you have any questions?

We are happy to answer all your questions about Simplo and help you with the introduction into your company.

Marcel Meitza & Srecko Dzeko

The founders of Simplo