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for contractors and construction companies

Order building materials quickly, easily and transparently with the Simplo-App. No more phone queues & incorrect orders. Like WhatsApp - only on steroids. Shake on it!


Simply order building materials

Companies lose up to 1 working day on average for the ordering and purchasing of construction material per week. Our app simplifies the ordering process for contractors and construction companies! Our name says it all – we make material orders super simplo!

Say goodbye to telephone queues and expensive misunderstandings when ordering!

Chat easily &
order, for sure!

Communication with suppliers becomes easier with Simplo
as easy as chatting and texting – all in one app. We use the same encryption technology as the largest German banks and only save your user data in our German data center near Nuremberg.

Order easily and clearly with a personalized catalog for each supplier

You can create your own catalog with your top products for each supplier or send us your products, from which we then create your top product lists. All of your top products are in one place. In this way, you can order material that you need regularly as quickly and easily as never before.

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Transparent communication between construction site, supplier and office

Orders are clearly and uniformly received by the supplier.
If you wish, a copy will be sent to your own office automatically. This efficiently guarantees economic efficiency. Management, project management, controlling & accounting are equally informed and always up to date. Wrong orders are noticed immediately and expensive errors are effectively avoided. This is how you ensure your project’s success!

Our promise: Simplo is free – forever!

Try it without an obligation

The app can be installed and tested in less than 5 minutes …

Install the app and select the region

Test the chat and the product catalog directly

We’ll contact you and help you set it up

Install the app and select the region

You can test the chat and the product catalog directly

We’ll contact you and help you set it up

This is how it continues

As soon as you have tested the app and logged in, we will contact you for activation. We are happy to help you set up your top catalogs for each supplier. You can then use the app directly to order or chat with your suppliers.

Just install & test

Hundreds of contractors and construction companies use Simplo every day

Any questions?

Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Simplo and help you with the set-up.

Marcel Meitza & Srecko Dzeko

The founders of Simplo